List subpages of a parent page

I’m using the wp_list_pages function a lot for displaying parent pages in the main menu.

I usually only show the parent pages without children (on a homepage). In the function I use depth=1 to only sum up the top level pages:

wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1' );

When visiting a page i like to sum up the subpages of the parent page in a submenu. Sometimes (when using a submenu on a left sidebar) i like to show the parent page again on the top of the subitems. I created a function for this which you can put in your functions.php template file. This function is only created to list 1 level of subpages, no sub-sub is supported (yet) on the moment. Maybe I will update the function when I need it myself :)

The function in you functions.php looks like this

function wp_list_subpages($list_parent_page = true){	
	global $post;
	$parent_id  = $post->post_parent;
	$parent_link = array();
	// if we are on a subpage
	if ($parent_id) {
		while ($parent_id) {
			$page = get_page($parent_id);
			$parent_link[] = '<li><a href="'.get_permalink($page->ID).'" title="'.get_the_title($page->ID).'">'.get_the_title($page->ID).'</a></li>';
			$parent_id = $page->ID; // the parent id we need to list subpages from
			break; // stop after 1
	// if we are on the parent page
	} else {
		$parent_id = $post->ID; // the parent id we need to list subpages from
		$parent_link[] = '<li class="current_page_item"><a href="'.get_permalink($page->ID).'" title="'.get_the_title($page->ID).'">'.get_the_title($page->ID).'</a></li>';
	// default = true
	if($list_parent_page == true){
		echo $parent_link[0];
	// list the subpages
	$subpages = wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1&echo=0&child_of=' . $parent_id);
 	if ($subpages) { 
		echo $subpages;

On your template you can use the following function to show subpages (including the parent page):


If you don’t want to list the parent before the subpages, use:


All comments or improvents are welcome! This is just something i really use a lot and hopefully someone is happy with it.

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