5 most used WordPress plugins

A list of 5 WordPress plugins I use in my projects. 5 plugins I use a lot!

1. Yet Another Photoblog – I like to use YAPB for adding images to posts or pages on specified positions. For example: the rounded (masked with GD) image on Klein Optiek.

2. Advanced Excerpt by Bas van Doren – An easy plugin to make your WordPress content (the_content()) shorter. It has several options to filter tags and custimize the exceprt or content output.

3. Wp-Paginate – An easy to install and style plugin for your WordPress pagination.

4. Contact Form 7 – Best way to setup a simple contact form. Easy to style. Validates by jQuery and submits it’s forms using AJAX.

5. Breadcrumb NavXT – One of the breadcrumbs plugins for WordPress. But this one got it all, everything you want to customize is availible in the admin panel.

2 thoughts on “5 most used WordPress plugins

  1. I use all of these myself except for Advanced Excerpt, mostly because I don’t like ‘teaser’ pages, but I can see how it would be handy.

    Now with your Multiple Template Images plugin, I will reserve YAPB for photo blogs. It’s an excellent plugin, but MIT makes more sense to the end user and multiples > 1 :)

    MIT really should be in everyone’s tool-kit, just like the plugins above.

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