5 most used WordPress plugins (2)

An update on my 5 most used WordPress plugins. I’m working hard on a couple of WordPress websites and discovered some pretty nice plugins. So my list (of the last two months) changed:

  • More Fields – You can create more (meta) fields with this plugin for post, pages or custom posts. It’s easy and very user friendly. There are plenty of fields to chose from, but no image upload field.. well that’s why i developed Multiple Template Images. You could also look at Verve Meta Boxes. It has a image field but it’s not as user friendly like More Fields.
  • Custom Post type UI – You could also define your custom post types true your functions.php. But this plugin comes with a real easy admin interface to create custom post types. You could also try More Types (from the same developers of More Fields).
  • Gravity Forms – I’m really glad that I bought the developers license for Gravity Forms. This is much better then Contact Form 7 (which i wrote about in my last top 5). It comes with a very easy form wizzard with all options and types of form fields you like. But the best feature: it saves the entries posted by visitors in your WP admin.
  • WordPress SEO – Just released a month ago, it’s good and has every SEO option in it. A nice feature: it comes with a very nice Google snippet preview.
  • Simple Page Ordering – This makes page ordening really easy. No extra menu’s or options, it just let you drag and drop your pages or posts in your existing page/post overviews. It has some small bugs but it’s the best attempt so far.

Did I not mentioned a very good plugin? Please let me know by writing a comment.

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